AMER-CON's services



  • Advising customers of all available options to fulfill any requirement.

  • Assistance in obtaining financing for its credit-worthy customers.

  • Procurement of products at the most competitive prices in the countries of their origin.

  • Monitoring of required pre-shipment licenses and inspections.

  • Shipment   of  the  products by  the  most  cost-efficient  method  available  to  meet  the customer's delivery schedule.

  • Assistance with local import regulations, where necessary.

  • Local haulage to final delivery



From the distribution of food products and related items to construction systems and support; from sales of all types of commercial transportation equipment to procurement of "one-of-a-kind" items, AMER-CON has proven its ability to perform a wide variety of tasks.

With each assignment, AMER-CON has demonstrated the ability to cut through red tape, and get the job done with an unmatched level of professional service and expertise.

It is AMER-CON's goal to offer its customer a turn-key operation, with minimal concern and expense.
From the most common items (such as household items), to the most unusual (such as a specially-commissioned sculpture for a national ceremony), AMER-CON has the expertise and the resources to accomplish virtually any task no matter how small or how large.




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