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              Medical and Pharmaceuticals


AMER-CON has provided consumible medical products for a large number of applications, and pharmaceuticals for laboratories, pharmacies, and public health facilities. Products include surgical, diagnostics, bandages, orthopedic, physician and infirmary supplies, medical equipment, instruments, generic, and non-prescription products.

Medical products and related items had primarily been purchased and shipped from all areas of the globe and sold into AMER-CON's specialty, sub-Saharan Africa, but there are selected key American manufacturers who have chosen to utilize AMER-CON's abilities to distribute their internationally recognized products as well.

              Food products and related items


AMER-CON has established several markets where turn-key services provide food products and related items from procurement and shipment, to inspection, delivery and assistance in obtaining financing.  (AMER-CON is capable of providing theses services for both bulk-shipment and consumer-packaged products.) From perfumes to paper products, AMER-CON has experience in exporting items of every imaginable type, many by major U.S. manufacturers.

Past shipments have included dental care, hair products and infant products, as well as other consumer products.

              Construction products and services,  mechanical equipment


AMER-CON has a diverse range of experience around the globe, from construction to installation of pre-engineered building systems.  Houses, schools, offices, hospitals, commercial and industrial structures...AMER-CON has been the answer.Using local craftspeople wherever possible, AMER-CON has the know-how to get the job done. From providing heavy equipment (including back hoe loaders, bulldozers, compactors, excavators, pavers, wheel and truck loaders, continuous and standby power systems, drilling systems, etc.), facility programming, warehousing, construction management and administration, to purchasing construction material, components, furnishings, fixtures and equipment, AMER-CON does it for you-at considerable savings over doing it yourself.

               Transportation equipment and accessories


AMER-CON has a diverse background in both "one-of-a-kind" and everyday items such as ambulances, bullet-resistant vehicles, buses, cranes, dump trucks, dumpsters, freight elevators, mobile platforms, refrigerated trucks, tactical vehicles, aircraft and aircraft parts, lubricants and varied fluids, and fuel additives.

Tell AMER-CON what your needs are, and it will find a resource to meet those needs.

               Electronic, domestic, computer and automation products


This broad category covers everything from the smallest parts-semiconductors and integrated circuits-to the largest computer systems.  In addition AMER-CON can provide capacitators, electron/receiving tubes, microprocessors, memory products, peripherals, desktop and portable computers, software, networking supplies, and more. To complete an office AMER-CON can also supply office equipment, furniture, consumables, and professional audio/visual equipment.

For home use, AMER-CON has shipped appliances of all types including climate control systems, lighting, and audio/visual equipment, amongst others. 

              Communications equipment


AMER-CON has experience in supplying customers in may countries with equipment unique to their specifications.

Items have included: synthesized two-way mobile and portable radios, transceivers, repeaters, key switch systems, cellular, facsimile, and telephone branchers.

              Security systems


AMER-CON has supplied security systems for entire airports in South America, as well as other parts of the world.

Programmable access control systems, closed circuit TV systems, X-ray scanning systems, scramblers, decoders, alarm systems...AMER-CON can meet your needs.


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